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So let's spark a debate and create a hot topic in the minds of steroid users. Absolutely NO FLAMMING on this thread or you will be banned. Don't write out of ignorance, just do some research or speak from personal experience.

Let's put this thing to bed once and for all. Everytime someone brings up doing an oral cycle, all the sheep and lemmings on the board come out and say "you won't keep any gains", "it is a waste" , etc and never provide proof.

So step up! Why is it a waste? Why can't you do an oral only cycle? Aside from controlling blood levels and getting excess water on harsh orals, is there any reason a guy can't start with say: dbol and anavar to increase test levels and strength, then finish with winstrol and masteron to harden up?

So all opinions are valid, unless you flame or make stupid remarks and then I will just ban you. This thread is to put an end to the speculation and bring on some good advice to point guys to in the future when newbies ask this questions again.

Ok, all you oral only guys, I know you are out there and were always afraid to post. This is your thread and I will monitor it to make sure you are not flammed by some jackass so your input is highly appreciated.



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